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Fun Project of Kansas City Autosport Inc.

BMW 318

This project was requested by a long time customer. This is a 1991 BMW 318is that came stock with a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. We installed a 4.4 liter V8 engine out of a BMW 740il along with all the customer requested performance suspension and accessories. It has been featured in Bimmer Magazine.

Volvo C303

This one started its life as Swedish military vehicle in the 1970's. We got a hold of it and put on a fresh camouflage paint job, big tires, our company name with info and used it as a moving billboard!

Volvo 1
Volvo 2
Volvo 3
Volvo 4
VW Vanogan

This used to a typical old family minivan until Kansas City AutoSport had it. Now with a high performance Subaru SVX 6 cylinder engine, performance suspension and aluminum Mercedes wheels it will do a whole lot more than just get the kids back and forth to soccer practice!

VW 1
VW 2
VW 3
VW 4
Ford GT40

One of the most iconic race cars in history. Tim McCracken found it in need of some slight mechanical and body repairs and knew that he could bring it back to its former glory. Tyler McCracken was lucky enough to drive it off on his wedding day.

Ford 1
Ford 2
Ford 3
Ford 4